Note: custom orders are currently closed and tentatively will open early March. Thank you for your understanding!



Arae Designs Earrings are handmade with great care and attention to detail. I am always trying to better my techniques and try new things to make my products the best quality possible. However, slight imperfections are to be expected when buying handmade products. The earrings you receive may differ very slightly from the ones pictured, expect that they cannot all be exact duplicates due to the nature of polymer clay and handmade procedures.


Arae Designs earrings are made from polymer clay which typically is very durable and bendable material. However, never purposely bend or toss your earrings. Handle them with care and remember that it is possible to break them or wear down the clay over time. To increase the longevity of your earrings, avoid setting them under heavy objects, wearing them to bed, or swimming with them on. You can even use the boxes they come in to transport them when traveling. To clean your earrings, use a cotton swab and wipe them gently with a bit of acetone to remove any dirt or dust.


When a new launch takes place, I do my best to process and ship your earrings within 2-3 days. Any custom ordered earrings will be shipped in 5-8 days. All orders are shipped with USPS and confirmation emails and tracking  information will be sent to you shortly after ordering! Reply to the confirmation email or message me on my Instagram if you have any additional questions, I'll be happy to help! 


Exchanges for damaged earrings are accepted within two weeks of receiving them and are taken on a case by case basis to ensure care is taken to avoid unnecessary damage.